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Background Information on Feature Ads of the Cross-Straits Agreement on Trade in Services on the Financial Times

  • Date:2013-09-26

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (September 26) published an advertorial about the Cross-Straits Agreement on Trade in Services on Britain's Financial Times (FT) website. The ad aims to heighten international awareness of efforts by the ROC government to create a liberalized environment in Taiwan and to attract international capital, as well as to win international support for Taiwan's participation in regional economic integration.

The ad will run for 14 days starting today to October 9. There will be five topic pages on "Promoting the internationalization of Taiwan's economy," "Expanding ECFA's follow-up benefits," "Raising the competitiveness of Taiwan's service industries," "Effect in increasing foreign investment in Taiwan," and "The foundation for Taiwan to join regional economic integration" (the ad will circulate in the U.S., London (U.K.), Brussels (Belgium), Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia).

The MAC stated that the signing of the Cross-Straits Agreement on Trade in Services not only sets more favorable terms for Taiwanese service providers to enter the Mainland and expand their business scope, but can also build momentum for foreign investment in Taiwan and invigorate development of Taiwan's service market. The pact will be beneficial to increasing the willingness of other countries to sign economic and trade agreements with Taiwan, and will also act as a key factor for Taiwan's participation into regional economic integration.

The MAC hopes that the overseas ad will give the international community and all parties at home and abroad a better understanding of the content and benefits of the Cross-Straits Agreement on Trade in Services. The advertorial can be viewed during the circulation period at: http://mainlandaffairscouncil.ft.com; or by clicking the banner advertisement in the "Companies" and "Global Economy" sections on the FT website (http://www.ft.com).

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